About me…

     Hi there and thank you for dropping by!   I am Jennifer..or Jen, not really a Jenny though, not sure why, I just have never been called that, not that I get offended if people do, but once they get to know me more, they tend to shorten my name to  just Jen and.. that’s fine by me.

I am a born and bred South East Queensland girl living in the Redlands, a beautiful part of Queensland, Australia on Moreton Bay.   I am a wife, a mum, a sister, daughter and friend to a close group of beautiful, protective people I also protect fiercely and love with pure abandon. Once you are a true friend of mine, I will have your back forever, no questions, no judgements, no lies..

I love to write and tell a story or two and believe in keeping it real. That’s why I started this little blog as I needed a creative outlet and this seemed like the best way to do that.

I love cooking and nourishing the people I love, having friends over for food and drinks and laughs so be prepared for food and recipe posts.  I love going away on road trips, boat trips, hiking trips and exploring new places with no timetables or schedules or plans, sometimes on our own and sometimes with the same friends who make me whole and restore my balance every time I am with them. Sometimes the roads and tracks with the dead ends lead to the most amazing of places and boy have we uncovered some secret places in our time.  Spontaneity is my middle name when it comes to travelling!

I love Australia, I try to always buy Australian made and owned and produced as much as I possibly can with food and whatever other household or beauty products I can. I believe in looking after our own here in our great country, our farmers and primary producers and small producers doing good, honest work… something about putting on our own oxygen masks first  rings true with me.

I love my neighbourhood and my home. We live in this magical 1900’s old Queenslander , with verandas front and back, with my husband and daughter.  Our home is by no means renovated beautifully or perfect, but she sits a mere 100 or so metres to the beauty that is Moreton Bay and my backyard, my playground teaming with dolphins, whales, crystal clear water and the most amazing beaches you will ever see. We hear the little waves sometimes at night and sleep so peacefully with the smell of the salt air and the white noise of the little breaking waves on the sand at high tide with the french doors open from our bedroom to pick up the bay breezes….

We live simply, my little family and I… we try to be kind to all living creatures great and small and all we meet along our journey. We might have a little bit of a hippy quality to us at times with what we stand for and what matters most to us, but we appreciate the finer things in life too, just not in an excessive way..less is more they say!

I am a fifty something year old who refuses to believe we have to act a certain way just because we are not in our twenty’s anymore. I love swimming in the ocean and bodysurfing still and dancing and partying like there is no tomorrow.   I might look older and gravity will take effect no doubt sooner than later, but I tell you what, my spirit and soul are younger now than when I was in my teens and early years! You are welcome to come along with me anytime!

Email:  jennifermayparker@gmail.com

Post:  Jennifer Parker, P O Box 5064, Victoria Point Qld 4165



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