Why I love the Redlands 🐚💙⚓️

The Redlands has been my home, our home, for over 30 years now.  My family has a long history with this beautiful area and I will go into more detail on that  in another post, but for now let me tell you why I feel like  I have always been a part of the Redlands and this beautiful part of Australia and why I love it so much.

Straddie Locals, delicious and sweet and of course, the cold Savvy B! 


We have been coming here since I was a little girl and I have some memories, but they are fading slowly sadly. You can read my story here if you like:


I wrote the above under simply redlands style, which was my original name for my blog, and I went on to win a Redlands Writers award which was quite amazing and very humbling for me.

The Redlands has been very good to us, we have owned one block of land and three homes here.  Our daughter attended school at Sheldon College from the time she was a little preppy student at four years of age, until her Graduation in Year 12 when she graduated with flying colours and she has gone on to do amazing things with her life and make lifelong friends, which we are forever grateful for.

Thompson’s Beach, my local beach, I just love it down here! 

I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Our dream, my husband and I, is to one day have a nice big boat where we can sail away and live the dream on the water at the Whitsundays, maybe Fiji or some other South Pacific destination, but we have a long way to run before that dream becomes the reality. What I know for sure, is that we will always, always, return home to our beautiful Redlands, to our little Queenslander sitting near the beach, patiently awaiting our return, hammock on the veranda, mozzie coils burning under the tables, bbq gently cooking up some lovely local Straddie Prawns sate sticks with homemade sate sauce using Straddie honey and Kingaroy Peanuts, bay breezes caressing us with her beautiful coolness and  her sleep inducing magical ways and a million reasons to be grateful for everything that this life has given us every day. Cheers lovely people, thank you for reading.

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