Tangalooma Family Getaway


Moreton Island is not unfamiliar to us. My husband used to spend a lot of time over there with his boss on their regular fishing trips ( read also drinking a lot of Moreton Coffee trips, which are a strong sweet black coffee with a nip of Bundaberg Rum added just to cool the hot coffee down apparently 🙂 )

I used to then catch the 5.30pm flyer over from the old wharf on Kingsford Smith Drive on a Friday night after work and spend the weekend with them. Give this beautiful island some time and it will get into your heart and soul like no other. We always dreamed of going back every year but life got in the way. Technically it is not located in the Redlands, it is in the Brisbane Shire, but we still have a very big soft spot for this magical place.

Fast forward a few years or more, and we were looking for somewhere a couple of years ago for a week away that was close for us, but was not Straddie, as we spend a lot of time there anyway and we do love our time over there always but a change was needed. We wanted some comfort, some places to eat out, understated and laid back, not glitzy this time ( Don’t get me wrong though, I love a little Gold Coast or Noosa laid back glitz as much as the next gold sandal wearer). But this time,  somewhere we could take the 4WD and do some exploring around the island when we wanted to, cook some of our own meals when we wanted to, have friends over to stay if they wanted to and basically just be a home away from home for us for our stay.

See, we only really get one Summer week, maybe a bit longer if we are lucky, together,  as a family each year due to work, Uni, part time work etc etc. The rest of our holidays are made up of either quick, short extra long weekends away, maybe an occasional week in Winter somewhere Wintery,  if we can all get our schedules lined up properly. I don’t want to be spending two or more of those precious days travelling for long periods of time when we can be over at Tangalooma and unpacked, wine in hand or cocktail or beer.. and on that magnificent white, sandy, crystal clear watered beach in a matter of a few hours max.

Deep Blue Apartments tick all the boxes….

Our Apartment is on the Fourth Level this time. We have previously stayed on Level 2 in Deep Blue 19

These luxurious, fully appointed 3 or 4  bedroom apartments offer a  very welcoming home away from home with all the things you need for a very comfortable stay,  thrown in at a very reasonable rate, if you book for the seven night or longer package.

There are so many reasons we love these apartments: The view of course is the obvious one: IMG_0295Then there is the private pool for Deep Blue Guests only, the fully appointed kitchen, the lift, the private lock up garage for your 4WD, the lift access,  the proximity to the bars, restaurants, jetty, Dolphin Feeding, The Dolphin Centre, convenience shop, not to mention comfortable beds, beautiful bathrooms with spas and a surprising view if you are game from the shower ; , laundry complete with dryer, balcony complete with BBQ and bar fridge. You want for nothing really, even sun lounges are included for your balconies for those long, lazy golden hour sunset cocktails with some cheese and nibbly platters,  life all of a sudden becomes so perfect, you feel like you could just stay there in the moment for ever and ever.. and I often wish I could…

Tanga 6


So besides just languishing on your balcony, what else can you do at Moreton to fill in your time:

Well… first up, the closest thing you can do is head off to the Desert for a little sand tobogganing:



So much fun, but take water and wear sunscreen, this is like a real desert, hot and dry and very sandy. You need a little bit of fitness to walk back up the sand hills especially in the heat, but trust me, it so worth it, and a very good way to earn that cocktail at 5pm 🙂

If you are able to take your own 4WD over then you can explore the island as you please. A word of warning though.. Moreton Island can be very dry at times and this means the tracks around the island can become very soft. It is very important you listen to the recommendations of the Park rangers and other more experienced drivers on the island if you wish to traverse it successfully and you are not experienced in soft sand driving. My husband is very experienced in sand driving and even we became a little unstuck on the Western beach trip to the Gutter Bar at Kooringal from Tangalooma on a reasonably low tide by just not paying attention to the conditions too much,  which found us quite bogged and stuck near the Big Sandhills track. We always reduce our tyre pressure to the absolute minimum and always have recovery gear with us, being Maxtrax, a winch and Snatch Strap so we were out and moving again very quickly, but if you are unprepared, the whole experience can become quite nerve wracking, or even very dangerous if you cannot recover your vehicle and get out of the rising tides quickly.

A highlight for us this time was a Glass Bottom Boat Sunset tour to the Tangalooma Wrecks. We hadn’t done this before and I can honestly say, it was worth every cent as it was truly memorable:

Stuart, our boat and tour guide, and his off sider (I am sorry I cannot remember your name), but you know who you are, with the sunburnt forehead :),  were amazing. They were so helpful and funny and knowledgeable, feeding us cheese and crackers and pouring our wine and all the while telling us funny stories, showing us around the Wrecks, and giving us an experience we all will never forget I am sure. I will have those memories for the rest of my life as they were such happy and contented times, I wish I could relive them over every day.


Tanga 8Tanga 9

Tanga 11


So, this is a little look at our time away and why we love Moreton Island and Tangalooma so much.  There are still a million other reasons and so much, much more  I could tell you about, including the delicious meals we had on the island at the restaurants, the icecreams each day ..so yum), the clear water swims every day, but I think I should just leave you all with this vision of our final night when we all had final night drinks and toasted our return again in the February of 2019 if the Gods let us.  Tangalooma, we love you, keep being the gorgeous little understated self that you are, and if you get a chance to pop on over for a day or two, or even a week or two, please do, I am sure you will fall in love with this beautiful island too!





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