Why I love where I live.

Thompsons Beach
Thompson’s Beach at Sunset. So nice to have a little walk after work and take in the fresh, salty air.


The one thing that often surprises me is when you meet people ( even some as close as from the North side of Brisbane) and they ask you where you are from and you say Victoria Point,  and so many of them often ask you “Where’s that?”

It’s amazing how many of us don’t seem to explore much further than our own backyards anymore and I am not really sure why.  Maybe, we are all just too busy or too tired nowadays to take the once very gentle act of a Sunday drive to a new area to just have a look around, maybe grab a bite to eat somewhere different, maybe take a picnic and laze under a tree somewhere we just have never been before. (Or maybe it’s the cost of fuel at the moment:)…


Lovely, shady Cotton trees at Thompson’s Beach

We live in close proximity to Thompson’s Beach, a pretty little spot with a large shady park ( WH Yeo Park) attached to a little beach where, when the tide is right, it’s a pretty nice place for a swim or a paddle on a hot day.  We spend a lot of time down there just enjoying the view and the space and unwinding. We do gets lots of visitors on the weekends, maybe some Sunday drivers after all,  whether the tide is in or out, most people must come down just to enjoy the fresh air, shady trees, nice sandy little beach and exploring the shallows with their little ones. Everyone always seems happy there, it’s like the sand and salt water does something magical to everyone’s moods..

Victoria Point
Hiding amongst the Cotton Trees

WH Yeo Park has a really great little kid’s play area, quite a few covered shelters with picnic tables and chairs, an amenities block and numerous free gas barbecues sprinkled throughout the park making it an ideal place to enjoy an after work BBQ with friends and family or a weekend catchup or little party with a game of Boules perhaps.  At the moment, the beach is undergoing extensive renovations by our local Council, which will make it even nicer in a few months time,  thank you very much to our Council, with some long awaited improvements to the structure and cosmetic presentation as well. I  really can’t wait to see how it looks soon, I am sure it is going to be amazing.

So why do I love living in this part of the world? After all, it is one of the fastest growing regions in South East Queensland, and the once sleepy little districts that make up this area around our main town of Cleveland, such as Victoria Point, Redland Bay, Thornlands, Ormiston and beyond have experienced significant growth in population, housing and traffic.  It’s all got quite busy: more cars, more people, smaller blocks, more homes and units on those blocks and so on. Crime is something we now have to live with most days in our community, along with a general ‘busy-ness’ of people as they move from job to home on their daily commute to sometimes quite long distances away to their work places.

Looking up the Beach

I know I can’t speak for everyone who lives here, we all have different reasons, and different stories. But, can I please tell you what my thoughts are and why I wake up grateful to live here each and every day? You can still walk or swim in the early morning light and be the only one on the beach sometimes most days of the week. You can still make friends with your local shop keepers and stores you frequent and they know you by name and keep your favourite things for you ‘out the back just in case they sell out’.  You can get to know your neighbours and look after each other, meet up for a bubbles or bbq or just to keep an eye out for each other, if you just take a few minutes to do so. You can make some really lovely friends just simply by smiling and saying hello on your daily walk if you really want to ( and I have: hello Jan and Deb and Charles and Bella!) . Everyone has a story, if we just choose to stop and listen sometimes.

Communities are made up of people and how people treat and respond to each other, hopefully with respect and consideration and kindness. We can all decide to fit into our community if we choose to… after all, most of us chose to want to live in this beautiful part of South East Queensland for the benefits of it being  quite a laid back little seaside place still.

Perfect Summer Days

Most of you would know we have lived here for nearly thirty years now, and by golly, yes, we have seen so many changes.  Some of our friends, they’ve  been here even longer and they have seen even more changes, yet none of us seem to leave and if we do, we don’t go too far away. We don’t leave because we know how good we have it here, we know that the grass is not always greener on the other side, we are Redlanders through and through, salty, sandy, living the dream on the bay in a simplistic, friendly and honest way.  We welcome anyone who feels the same way to join us anytime!


Cotton Tree Flowers fallen on the sand at Thompson’s Beach





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