Some words about my day on the Redlands Coast

Blog Header ImageDusk…

Dust settling.. the first scent of this Indian Summer storm, sweat.

Cool, thinner air to fill her lungs, along with the promise of something delicious to fill her belly later on… garlic, chilli, ginger, coriander: heating, releasing fragrances, coating fresh Straddie prawns in golden light goodness and freshness.  Cold glass in hand on the candle lit back veranda welcoming friends, family, friends who are family  with pineapple juice and rum and ice, mangoes and passionfruit, coconut, laughter, gratitude… how did she get this lucky?

White cotton dresses, bare feet but still dressed up, smiles and laughter, ice and glasses clinking,  brown skin, soft acoustic sounds, salty hair, sandy feet and family unpacking still for a few days here.  Kids in the pool, oblivious to how blessed and young they are.. Final frangipanis delivering their sweet fragrance mingling with the candles of coconut, lime and citronella, before falling to the pavers below tomorrow.

Warm, moonlit, late, late night breezes and cool, white, fresh, sun dried cotton sheets for clean, freshly showered, tired bodies. Windows wide open to capture whatever breeze feels like visiting.. Shells in her ears, around her wrists and on her tables.. smiles, kisses, love, promises of the weekend ahead….. No need to go to Heaven tonight as she is already there.. She smiles happily as she drifts off to peaceful sleep.. life is not always like this, but for now, she will take it and definitely run with with it with all her heart. Tomorrow is untouched.

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